Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Engine Bed and Expansion Chamber

My intentions are to mount my generator close to the house since most of the work will be running a DC alternator for the batteries and DC doesn't like long runs. My house if pretty well insulated and quite sound proof, however even with a good muffler I might have to move it farther away. Since we are talking a thousand pounds more or less, picking it up and moving it around is a major job for one person with a bad back. Because of this, I decided to mount it on a trailer so I could move it around and then when I find the rite place, just Pour a slab, cut the hitch off, remove the axle and springs, and set it down and I have the engine bed. Down is a lot easier than down and up and down and up.  Click the photo for a larger image.

As I said, Noise is a problem, so I built an expansion chamber for the exhaust. I took a 55 gallon drum and put a 30 gallon inside it. Then I surrounded the 30 gallon drum with dirt and buried the 55 gallon drum about 2/3 of the way. Too bad I didn't think about moving the engine before I buried it LOL. It was a little tricky running the exhaust lines through the lid of the 55 gallon lid and making them water tight so the inner space doesn't fill with water and rust the 30 gallon drum. Another problem I had was filling the 55 gallon drum with dirt and getting the lid on it. I ended up jumping up and down on it off and on all afternoon. I finally got it closed. Click the image for a larger picture.

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Robert said...

Frank, it worked fine. My engine room is about 10 feet from my living room wall and I can barely hear it if I turn the TV off.