Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Generator

My Generator

How can I afford to pay for fuel for the generator you say, well, that is easy, people pay me to burn their fuel. You see, my generator runs on waste motor oil, waste cooking oil, stale diesel and gas, crude oil, transmission fluid, liquor, ladies stinkwater and most any other burnable liquid. Since waste motor oil is so hard to get rid of and the EPA says that burning it as fuel is the most efficient way to dispose of it, I will be allowing people to dump their wast motor oil here for a dollar a gallon. I put up one Internet add and got 150 gallons.

The engine is a copy of the old Lister peanut oil engines that have since ceased to be produced. Many of them have run for twenty years without being shut down. The copies are made in India.

6 HP @650 RPM
700 pounds
Hand crank
Splash lubrication
Cooling is by thermo siphoning water through a 55 gallon drum (no water pump)
Most repairs can be done in the field with the tool kit that comes with the engine.
They stand about 4 feet high

Is it any wonder they run for 20 years without stopping?
Since the 2 200 pound flywheels do not lend to fast acceleration, I will only be running the generator head for the water heater, air conditioner, my heavy power tools and welder. Everything else will be run off of my inverter which converts DC battery power to AC power. The batteries will be charged by an automotive alternator. To make it run more efficiently, I will be using a manual adjustment from a piece of heating element to keep the alternator permanently set to a maximum of 14 14.5 volts.

For noise, I use a 30 gallon drum inside a 55 gallon drum with the extra space inside it filled with dirt. The 55 gallon drum is buried about 2/3 in the ground.

I haven't figured where I am going from there. I may just go up or I might direct it to some bushes nearby. Plants like exhaust gasses. One thing about them is that they have that sound that gets a man's testosterone get rite up and boil. 

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