Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Larger fuel tank

I now have a 15 gallon fuel tank up with a larger 10 micron Gpldenrod fuel filter.

I simply cut the fuel line between the regular engine mounted fuel tank and the engine mounted fuel filter and installed a T. The new fuel filter is between the new fuel tank and the T. This way any fuel goes through two fuel filters now.

I didn't bother with running the fuel return line to the new fuel tank, it still goes into the engine mounted tank. I ran it 4 hours today and there was not a visible change in the fuel level and I usualy go check it every couople of hours anyhow. When it does get full, I will just run it off the fuel tank for a while.

UPDATE: After two days of running the fuel level in the fuel tank still has not risin apreciably. At this rate I could probably go a week and not acumulate over 1/2 of a tank from the return line.

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