Wednesday, October 3, 2007

270 Hours

Since the engine is new I decided not to go the recommended 1000 hours between oil changes and changed it to doday. I also added a street L and a 12 inch nipple to the oil drain so I can drain the oil easier in the future. I just put a pipe cap on the end for now, Later I might add a valve with a pipe plug for a safety so it doesn't get bumped or accidently turned on and drain the oil while it is running.

I also pulled the inspection plate above the oil drain and looked inside. I found the oil drain is not at the lowest point of the sump so I took the bottom of an oil can and diped out the excess. Since these things run in india for twenty years without an air cleaner or oil change, it might not be necessary, but I like the idea of getting all I can get out. Man that oil is nasty. I suggest rubber gloves. lets not forget waste motor oil is "toxic waste"

A little note of intrest here. each gallon of waste oil I burn replaces a gallon of diesel fuel at $3 a gallon. The engine holds about 1.5 gallons, so I immediately get a $4.50 refund on the new oil by burning the old oil.

When I got done "Dilbert" was a mess so I decided to give him a bath. You don't just wipe off dirty diesel oil, it has to be scrubbed off and Dilbert didn't go to any trouble to stay clean. I hope nobody complains about this nude shot of Dilbert. As you can se he is quite a stud.

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