Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Puppydog the cat.

Puppydog is actualy the dogs nickname. The cat decided she would answer to it so now the cat is named puppydog. I got her just when she was weaned and she grew up with the dog so she thinks she is a dog. She growels juust like a dog too. Not only does she answer to her name, she comes when called. Unlike the dog, I don't have to leave the gate shut, she stays in the yard by herself except when I take the dog for a walk. then she wil walk through the fence and wait just outside the gate until we get back and take the second part of the walk in the far end of the property. Then she falls in and comes along with the dog.

Like the picture of her sleeping by the diesel engine while it is running, she picks the weirdest places to sleep, the noiseyest and most uncomfortable places too. She also prefers to eat the dogs dry dog food rather than her meaty cat food or canned tuna, both of which the dog will gladly eat after she turnes her nose up to them. She also makes no bones about her getting firsts at the dogs food. After she gets done eating she lets the dog eat.

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