Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New air cleaner and gas starter motor

I added a bigger air cleaner today, one that uses the same filter as my truck. it is pretty self explanitiry. The bolt in the middle just closes up a hole. it doesn't do anything.

On the bottom is a 1.5 inch floor flange with a short nipple which will fit inside a piece of 1 7/8 exhaust pipe. The end fo the exhaust pipe which is compressed to fit inside of another piece, will just fir over the intake on the engine where the origional air filter goes (clcick on the bottom view for a cloeup photo). 2 pieces of sheet metal and four bolts take the place of the top and bottom of the air filter. This perticular one is 12 inch OD.


I got tired of the hand crank. It is great when all else fails, but every day is not fun.

I mounted a 4.5 HP lawn mower engine on the engine bed with an 88 inch A belt. The engine has a 3 inch pulley.

The belt is very loose. I start the engine and use an idler pulley on a stick to temporarily tighten the belt to get the engine turning. Then I remove the idler pulley and the belt flys off the flywheel. I then release the exhaust valve and the engine starts.


BC_Steve said...

Very neat stuff. I'm getting excited about seeing it. Just one question tho: is that my new morning duty; cranking the starter manually??

Robert said...

Of course, however since youe canadian and used to cold weather, I see no use in wasting money by using the starting engine or for that matter, putting the 10 WT oil in the engine.